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chi pa̲shi yυt lakna yo̲?
is your hair yellow?
ipa̲shi yυt yoshkololi micha lusa
her hair is short and black
chiyyi yυt iskitini
your feet are small
chim ikhυnanchi i̲ nushkobo yυt chito
your teacher's head is big
υm ofi ibishakni yυt kapυssa
my dog's nose is cold
Chahta υlla iyyi yυt libesha
the Choctaw child's feet are warm
chi nishkin υt homma
your eyes are red
abinili iyyi kobυffi tuk
he broke the chair leg
sυ haksobish homma
my red ears
chi pa̲sha falaya
your long hair
a̲ nakfi itakha
my brother's mouth
ibishakni chito
his big nose
sυ nishkin okchamali
my green eyes
chi nashuka
your face
i̲ nishkin υt chito micha homma
it's eyes are big and red
chibbak υt kapυssa
your hands are cold
chiyyi yυt falaya
your feet are long
a̲ki i̲ shakba yυt chito
my father's arms are big
chishki ipa̲shi yυt homma
your mother's hair is red
katimi ho̲ chi haksobish υt lashpa?
why are your ears hot?
ipokni iyyi yυt iskitini
her grandmother's feet are small
chi nashuka ish achefa hinla
you can wash your face
chi̲ katos ibishakni yυt lυcha
your cat's nose is wet
chukfi i̲ hanali yυt nia
the rabbits legs are fat
issuba i̲ haksobish υt yushkololi
the horse's ears are short
katos i̲ haknip υt chunna
the cat's body is skinny
issi ibishakni yυt lusa
the dog's nose is black
sυ nishkin υt okchakko
my eyes are blue
chi nashuka yυt lυcha ho̲?
is your face wet?
ofi ibishakni yυt chito
the dog's nose is big
chi̲ tek ibbak υt iskitini
your sister's hands are small
υlla yυt abinili iyyi kobυffi tuk o̲?
did the child break the chair leg?