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chi̲ki yυt katimma atoksυli?
where does your father work?
hattak mυt υmafo
that man is my grandfather
chi̲ tek i̲ hohchifo yυt nanta
what is your sister's name
my mother can speak Choctaw
sυshki yυt Chahta anumpula hinla
chimafo micha a̲ki yυt shukha nipi hoponi ho̲?
is your grandfather and my father cooking pork?
i̲ tek υt Wal-Mart atoksυli ho̲?
does her sister work at Wal-Mart?
ipokni yυt shukha nipi hoponi micha υpa tuk
his grandmother cooked bacon and ate it
chi̲ nakfi im ofi yυt nanta υpa?
what is your brother's dog eating?
chimafo yυt tυmaha ia ho̲?
is your grandfather going to town?
chi̲ki yυt kυta im anumpuli?
who is your father talking to?
chukfi yυt nanta haklo?
what does the rabbit hear?
chipokni ish iba nowa ho̲?
are you walking with your grandmother?
a̲ tek υt ipokni iba nowa tuk
my sister was walking with his grandmother
chimafo yυt mi̲ko im anumpuli tuk
your grandfather was speaking to the chief
pokni yυt chi̲ nan ola ha̲klo tuk
grandmother heard your radio
i̲ki yυt chi̲ki iba toksυli
her father works with your father
υmafo micha sυpokni yυt ishki i̲ chukka ia tuk
my grandfather and my grandmother went to her mother's house
a̲ nakfi yυt im atoksυli ia chi̲
my brother will go to his workplace
chi̲ tek micha pokni yυt shukha nipi hoponi ho̲?
is your sister and grandmother cooking pork?
nanta ish ha̲klo tuk?
what did you hear?
i̲ nakfi yυt i̲ki tυmaha iba ia bυnna
his brother wants to go to town with his father
chipokni yυt oka kapυssa ishko bυnna
your grandmother wants to drink cold water
ish im anumpula hinla
you can speak to him
chi̲ shukha lusa micha tohbi chito yυt minti. ish ha̲klo ho̲?
Your big black and white hog is coming. Do you hear it?
chiski kawasha
your short mother
i̲ nakfi himitta
his young brother
a̲ki chaha
my tall father
mafo sipokni
old grandfather
ipokni kawasha
her short grandmother