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a̲ kanchυk υt kapυssa
my barn is cold
i̲ chukka yυt chito micha chaha
his house is big and tall
i̲ hushi lakna hυta micha homakbi ipeta tuk
she fed her orange and purple birds
i̲ holisso yυt sipokni
his book is old
a̲ shukcha yυt lusa micha tohbi
my purse is black and white
yυmmυt chi̲ kanchυk homma chito yo̲?
is that your big red barn?
hattak mυt i̲ mi̲ko apela tuk
that man helped his chief/boss
chi̲ shukcha isht υla tuk
she/he brought your purse
a̲ holisso apisa yυt chaha micha chito
my school is tall and big
chi̲ takkon tuchena υpa tuk
he ate your three apples
Chahta ohoyo kawasha chunna mυt chi̲ katos ipeta tuk
that skinny short Choctaw woman fed your cat
chi̲ hattak υt katimma ia tuk?
where did your husband go?
υlla tek himitta chunna mυt a̲ chukka anuka ia tuk
that skinny young girl went inside my house
hushi lusa pυt i̲ chukka anuka ia tuk
this black bird went inside its house
a̲ wak tohbi yυt a̲ kanchυk chukowa
my white cow is entering my barn
a̲ shukcha lakna chito
my big yellow purse
chi̲ tυmaha sipokni
your old town
i̲ kanchυk homma iskitini
his little red barn
a̲ holisso apisa homma chito
my big red school
his palυska
its bread
chi̲ shulush homma micha tohbi
your red and white shoes
chi̲ katos chunna
your skinny cat
i̲ chukka tohbi
her white house
a̲ shυpo iskitini
my small hat
pilashash, υlla mυt hushi lakna micha lakna hυta hokli tuk
yesterday, that child caught a yellow and orange bird
i̲ holisso okchakko chito yυt abinili nuta ittonla
her big blue book is lying under the chair
a̲ katos lakna hυta nia sipokni yυt chukka nuta bininli
my old fat orange cat is sitting under the house
υlla nakni iskitini mυt chi̲ katos hokli tuk
that small boy caught your cat
chim isht holissochi kobυffi tuk.
she broke your long yellow pencil
i̲ shulush lusa yυt lυcha
his black shoes are wet
a̲ shulush lusa micha tohbi yυt sipokni
my black and white shoes are old
chi̲ katos tohbi yυt a̲ chukka anuka chukowa tuk
your white cat entered inside my house
hushi nia mυt υm iti chaha anuka bininli
that fat bird is sitting in my tall tree
katimi ho̲ issuba mυt a̲ kanchυk homma sipokni anuka hiki̲a?
why is that horse standing in my old red barn?
i̲ wak lusakbi sipokni ish pi̲sa tuk o̲?
did you see his old brown cow?
pinti nia tuchena mυt chi̲ chukka anuka impa
those three fat mice are eating inside your house
iti chaha chito pυt a̲ chukka bili̲ka hiki̲a
this big tall tree is standing near my house
wak lusa ushta mυt nanta υpa?
what are those four black cows eating?