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im ilefoka yυt iskitini
his clothes are small
Chahta ikhυnanchi yυt im υlla apela tuk
The Choctaw teacher helped my child
nanta ish kobυffi tuk?
what did you break?
υm aboha yυt kapυssa
my room is cold
kυta ish apela?
who are you helping?
chim aka̲ka yυt tanchi υpa
your chicken is eating corn
im oka yυt libesha
its water is warm
υm abinili yυt chito
my chair is big
chim okhisa yυt ti̲wa ho̲?
is your door open?
im isht holissochi yυt falaya
her pencil is long
υm issuba yυt chim ofi im oka ishko tuk
my horse drank your dog's water
katos iskitini yυt υm aboha anuka ittonla ho̲?
is the small cat lying inside my room?
chim aka̲ka yυt oka kapυssa ishko tuk
your chicken drank cold water
Chahta ohoyo sipokni yυt im ilefoka achefa chi̲ ho̲?
will the old Choctaw woman wash his/her clothes?
na hullo himitta hoponi mυt chim ampo isht υla chi̲
that young Caucasian cook will bring your dish
katimi ho̲ chim aka̲ka yυt iti anuka bininli?
why is your chicken sitting in the tree?
chim ofi chunna yυt impa bυnna
your skinny dog wants to eat
υm issuba yυt minti. Ish pi̲sa ho̲?
My horse is coming. Do you see it?
im υlla yυt nusi
her child is sleeping
chim abinili ish kobυffi tuk o̲?
did you break your chair?
υm ilefoka ish achefa ho̲?
are you washing my clothes?
υm ofi
my dog
im aiimpa
his table
υm aboha
my room
chim oka
your water
im ofi
his dog
υm issuba
my horse
chim ilefoka
your clothes
im aboha
her room
chim issuba
your horse
im υlla
his child
chim ofi
your dog
υm aiimpa
my table
im aboha
his room