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υm ofi yυt balili.
My dog is running.
υm abinili yυt hikia.
My chair is standing.
Ulla tek mυt υm isht ishko ishi.
That girl has my cup.
υm issuba pisa tuk.
(He) saw my horse.
Chim aboha yυt libesha.
Your room is warm.
Chim aka̲ka yυt tanchi υpa tuk.
Your chicken ate corn.
Hattak υt chim υlla apela tuk.
The man helped your child.
Chim isht holissochi kobυffi tuk.
(She) broke your pencil.
Im ampo yυt iskitini.
His plate is small.
Im okhisa yυt ti̲wa tuk.
Her door was open.
Katos υt im oka ishko.
The cat is drinking its water.
Im ilefoka achefa tuk.
(She) washed her clothes.
υm υlla yυt aboha anuka bininli tuk
my child was sitting inside the room
υm abinili yυt iti bili̲ka hiki̲a
my chair is standing near the tree
υm ofi yυt aboha anuka ittonla tuk
my dog was lying in the room
υm aka̲ka yυt kanchυk bili̲ka hiki̲a
my chicken was standing near the barn
υm isht ishko yυt homma micha tohbi
my cup was red and white
υm issuba yυt iti nuta hiki̲a
my horse was standing under the tree
υm okhisa yυt ti̲wa tuk
my door was open
υm ilefoka yυt libesha tuk
my clothes were warm
υm oka yυt kapυssa
my water is cold
υm υlla nakni yυt balila hinla
my son can run
υm υlla tek υt holisso apisa ia tuk
my daughter went to school
υm isht isho yυt chukka anuka tala̲ya
my glass is setting inside the house
im okhisa yυt ti̲wa kiyo
his/her door is not open
im aka̲ka yυt kanchυk homma bili̲ka hiki̲a tuk
his/her chicken was standing near the red barn
im ilefoka yυt bok anuka ittonla tuk
his/her clothes were lying in the river
im ofi yυt palυska υpa tuk
his/her dog ate the bread
im oka yυt kapυssa kiyo
His/her water is not cold
im isht holissochi yυt yushkololi
his/her pencil is short
im issuba yυt bok anuka hiki̲a
his/her horse is standing in the river
im abinili yυt lakna
his/her chair is yellow
im issuba yυt lusa micha tohbi
his/her horse is black and white
im ohoyo yυt hopona hinla
his wife can cook
im alikchi yυt takkon homma υpa tuk
his/her doctor ate a red apple
im iti yυt okchamali micha chaha
his/her tree is green and tall