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aiimpa lakna tuchina
three yellow tables
aiimpa homakbi tahlapi
five purple tables
chukka tohbi ushta
four white houses
chukfi lusakbi tuklo
two brown rabbits
iti okchamali chakkali
nine green trees
hushi homma achυffa
one red bird
issuba lusakbi untuklo
seven brown horses
pinti lusa chakkali
nine black mice
ofi tohbi untuchina
eight white dogs
towa okchakko tahlapi
five blue balls
holisso homakbi tuchina
three purple books
issuba lusa tuklo
two black horses
aiimpa okchakko ushta
four blue tables
shukcha homakbi tuchina
three purple bags
ofi tohbi untuklo
seven white dogs
towa lakna hυta tahlapi
five orange balls
shulush homma hannali
six red shoes
chukka tohbi untuklo
seven white houses
wak lusa chakkali
nine black cows
holisso okchamali ushta
four green books
iti lusakbi pokkoli
ten brown trees
isht ishko homakbi achυffa
one purple glass
shukcha lakna chakkali
nine yellow bags
katos tohbi untuklo
seven white cats
pinti lusa tuklo
two black mice
issi lusakbi tuchina
three brown deer
holisso lusa achυffa
one black book
ofi lusa hannali
six black dogs
shulush homakbi ushta
four purple shoes
issi lusakbi untuchina
eight brown deer