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wakaya micha pisa!
stand up and look!
Haklo! Chahta hattak sipokni yυt anumpuli
Listen! The old Choctaw man is speaking.
Issa! Ikhυnanchi yυt minti.
Stop! The teacher is coming.
Holisso lusa isht υla
Bring the black book
bininli micha impa!
sit and eat!
Balili! Wak lusa chito yυt minti.
Run! The big black cow is coming.
nita chito yυt minti!
the big bear is coming!
lohma micha balili!
be quiet and run!
chukka bili̲ka minti
it is coming near the house
ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see it?
nita chito yυt nipi pisa
the big bear is looking at the meat
nita chito yυt nipi υpa chi̲
the big bear will eat the meat
katos micha ofi yυt balili tuk
the cat and dog ran
Chahta υlla micha Chahta ohoyo yυt balili tuk
The Choctaw child and Choctaw woman ran
Tushpa! Iti chaha nuta hiki̲a!
Hurry! It is standing under the tall tree!
Chukka ia! Tushpa! Balili!
Go home! Hurry!
Nita chito yυt bok ia
The big bear is going to the river
isht υla la hinla
I can bring it
holisso isht ia!
take the books!
Haklo! Alikchi yυt anumpuli.
Listen! The doctor is speaking.
Balili! Wak lusakbi chito yυt minti.
Run! A big brown cow is coming.
Pisa! Katos iskitini pi̲sa li.
Look! I see a small cat.
Haklo! Nan υlhtuka yυt anumpuli.
Listen! The police officer is speaking.
Ish lohma hinla ho̲?
Can you be quiet?
Miti micha anumpuli!
Come and speak!
Wakaya! Holisso apisa ish ia chi̲.
Stand up! You will go to school.
Abinili isht υla!
Bring the chair!
Ampo micha palυska isht ia!
Take the dish and bread!
balila hinla
can run
issa micha
stop and
impa micha ia
eat and go
issuba yυt
the horse
bok bili̲ka
near the river
hakla hinla
can listen
anumpula chi̲
will speak
mita hinla
can come
υlla nusi
child is sleeping