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Issi yυt iti bilika hikia.
The deer is standing near the tree
Balila hinla.
(It) may run.
mi̲ko yυt minti.
The chief is coming.
mi̲ko yυt anumpuli.
The chief is speaking.
Tom υt towa isht ula tuk.
Tom brought a ball.
Towa isht ia.
(He) is taking the ball.
Miti! Pisa!
Come here! Look!
ofi lusa chito pi̲sa li
I see a big black dog
ikhυnanchi ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see the teacher?
wak lusakbi yυt iti nuta ittonla
the brown cow is lying under the tree
Lohma! υlla yυt nusi
Be quiet! The child is sleeping.
chukfi yυt balila hinla
the rabbit may run
Yυmmυt nanta? Ish pi̲sa ho̲?
What is that? Do you see it?
hushi lakna hυta iskitini yυt katimma bininli?
Where is the small orange bird sitting?
chukfi chito yυt chukka bili̲ka bininli
the big rabbit is sitting near the house
aiimpa chito achυffa micha abinili iskitini tuklo pi̲sa li
I see one big table and two small chairs
Lohma! Ofi yυt balila hinla
Be quiet! The dog may run
abinili chaha isht υla hinla
he can bring the tall chair
holisso isht ia la hinla
I can take the book
hakla hinla
he/she/it can listen
isht ishko isht υla hinla
she may bring the glass
nusi la hinla
I can sleep
impa hinla
it can eat
mi̲ko yυt hakla hinla
the chief may listen
isht ia la hinla
I can take it
pisa la hinla
I can look at it
Lohma! Mi̲ko yυt anumpula hinla
Be quiet! The chief may speak.
issuba mυt balila hinla
that horse can run
ish hopona hinla
you may cook