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Chukfi yυt aiimpa nuta bininli
The rabbit is sitting under the table
Ofi yυt aiimpa bili̲ka bininli
The dog is sitting near the table
Abinili yυt ittonla kiyo
The chair is not lying down
Katos υt aiimpa pakna ittonla
The cat is lying on top of the table
Ofi yυt hiki̲a kiyo
The dog is not standing
Towa tohbi mυt aiimpa nuta ittonla
That white ball is lying under the table
Katos mυt aiimpa pakna bininli kiyo
That cat is not sitting on the table
Ofi yυt aiimpa nuta bininli kiyo
The dog is not sitting under the table
Iti chaha yυt bok bili̲ka hiki̲a
The tall tree is standing near the river
Katos υt abinili chito nuta ittonla
The cat is lying under the big chair
Isht ishko yυt aiimpa pakna tala̲ya
The red cup is setting on the table
Ofi chunna yυt chukka nuta ia tuk
The skinny dog went under the house
Hushi okchakko yυt iti pakna bininli
The blue bird is sitting on the tree
Katos chito yυt katimma ittonla?
Where is the big cat lying?
Katimi hó abinili lakna yυt iti nuta hiki̲a?
Why is the yellow chair standing under the tree?
Issuba chaha yυt kanchυk anuka ia tuk
The tall horse was going inside the barn
Ofi yυt chukka nuta ittonla
The dog is lying under the house
Issi yυt chukka bili̲ka hiki̲a tuk
The deer was standing near the house
υlla iskitini yυt chukka anuka nusi tuk
The small child was sleeping inside the house
Chahta ohoyo yυt katomma ia tuk?
Where did the Choctaw woman go?
Holisso apisa ia chi̲
he/she will go to school
Katimi ho tυmaha ia chi̲?
Why will he/she go to town?
Chukka anuka hiki̲a
He/She/It is standing inside the house
Wak nipi ish hoponi ho̲?
Are you cooking beef?
Chukfi tohbi katohmi ish pi̲sa?
How many white rabbits do you see?
Katimi ho̲ alikchi yυt balili?
Why is the doctor running?
Bok bili̲ka hiki̲a
It is standing near the river
Takkon lakna micha takkon homma katohmi ish i̲shi?
How many yellow apples and red apples do you have?
Hattak sipokni pυt alikchi pi̲sa chi̲
This old man will see the doctor
Kυta chia?
who are you?