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ohoyo kawasha yυmmυt wak homma micha issuba lusa katohmi pi̲sa?
how many red cows and black horses does that short woman see?
υlla iskitini ilυppυt kυta pisa?
Who is this small child looking at?
katimi ho̲ ofi yυmmυt chukka anuka bininli?
Why is that dog sitting inside the house?
υlla nakni yυmmυt kυta?
Who is that boy?
hoponi mυt nanta hoponi?
What is that cook cooking?
hattak himitta ilυppυt takkon katohmi υpa tuk?
How many apples did this young man eat?
holisso apisa ish ia ho̲?
Are you going to school?
ofi katohmi ish pi̲sa?
how many dogs do you see?
issuba chunna yυmmυt katimi ho̲ balili?
why is that skinny horse running?
ofi lusa nia ilυppυt katomma ia?
where is this fat black dog going?
hushi chito mυt katomma bininli?
where is that big bird sitting?
Chahta ohoyo tuklo pυt kυta pisa?
who are these two Choctaw women looking at?
issi nipi ish hopona chi̲ ho̲?
Will you cook venison?
na hullo ohoyo yυt holisso apisa ia tuk
the Caucasian woman went to school
hattak lusa mυt katimi ho̲ chukka ia?
why did that African American go home?
Chahta ohoyo tuchina mυt nanta υpa?
What are those three Choctaw women eating?
takkon iti chaha ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see the tall apple tree?
katos lakna hυta chunna mυt katomma bininli?
where is that skinny orange cat sitting?
ofi lusakbi tahlapi micha ofi tohbi tuklo yυt nipi υpa
the five brown dogs and two white dogs are eating meat
wak homma micha issuba lusa yυt kanchυk ia
the red cow and black horse are going to the barn
Chahta ikhυnanchi chia ho̲?
are you a Choctaw teacher?
υlla nakni mυt palυska ushta υpa tuk o̲?
did that boy eat four slices of bread?
hoponi yυt wak nipi katohmi hoponi?
how many steaks is the cook cooking?
isht ishko okchakko yυt katimma tala̲ya?
where is the blue glass setting?
katimi ho̲ balili?
why is he running?
Chahta hattak mυt kυta?
who is that Choctaw man?
Chukka tohbi micha lakna katohmi ish pi̲sa tuk?
how many white and yellow homes did you see?
takkon lakna ish i̲shi ho̲?
do you have a yellow apple?
na hullo hattak sipokni yυt kυta pisa?
who is the old Caucasian man looking at?
ofi lusa chunna yυt nipi katohmi υpa tuk?
how many pieces of meat did the skinny black dog eat?
katimi ho̲ tυmaha ish ia tuk?
why did you go to town?
kυta chia?
who are you?
katimi ho̲ ikhυnanchi yυt holisso apisa ia?
why is the teacher going to the school?
issuba lusakbi tahlapi yυt kυta pisa?
who are those five brown horses looking at?
nanta ish hoponi?
what are you cooking?
katimma ish ia?
Where are you going?