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katimma ish ia?
Where are you going?
katimi ho̲... ?
why is it that... ?
katimi ho̲ tυmaha ish ia tuk?
why did you go to town?
katimi ho̲ Dallas ish ia chi̲?
why are you going to Dallas?
katimi ho̲ tυmaha ia tuk?
why did (he/she) go to town?
katimi ho̲ Dallas ia chi̲?
why is (he/she) going to Dallas?
ofi mυt katimi ho̲ balili?
why is that dog running?
ohoyo yυt katimi ho̲ taloa?
why is that woman singing?
hushi katohmi ish pi̲sa
how many birds do you see?
ohoyo mυt shukcha katohmi i̲shi?
how many bags does that woman have?
towa katohmi ish pila tuk?
how many balls did you throw?
katos katohmi ish pi̲sa?
how many cats do you see?
katimma ish ia?
Where are you going?
katos chito mυt nanta pisa?
what is that big cat looking at?
kυta ish pi̲sa?
who do you see?
takkon katohmi ish i̲shi?
how many apples do you have?
katos υt chukka anuka bininli ho̲?
is the cat sitting in the house?
katimi ho̲ issuba mυt balili?
why is that horse running?
palυska katohmi ish υpa chi̲?
how many slices of bread will you eat?
υlla iskitini pυt katomma ia?
where is this small child going?
holisso apisa homma ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see the red school?
katimi ho̲ hattak mυt nusi?
why is that man sleeping?
ofi chito ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see the big dog?
chukfi mυ nanta υpa?
what is that rabbit eating?
bok ish ia ho̲?
are you going to the river?
yυmmυt kυta?
who is that?
pinti micha katos υt impa ho̲?
is the mouse and cat eating?
υlla iskitini yυt katimma bininli?
where is the small child sitting?
chukka anuka bininli ho̲?
is he/she/it sitting in the house?
aiimpa aboha anuka bininli ho̲?
is he/she sitting in the cafeteria?
pinti yυt kanchυk anuka musi ho̲?
is the mouse sleeping in the barn?