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wak nipi ish υpa tuk
you ate steak
palυska υpa chi̲ ho̲?
will she eat bread?
wak nipi υpa li tuk
I ate hamburger(beef)
palυska υpa ho̲?
is he eating bread?
wak nipi υpa li
I am eating roast beef
palυska ish υpa ho̲?
are you eating bread?
wak nipi υpa
she is eating beef
chukfi nipi υpa la chi̲
I will eat rabbit
chukfi nipi ish υpa tuk o̲?
did you eat rabbit?
takkon υpa tuk kiyo
he did not eat an apple
issi nipi υpa la chi̲ kiyo
I will not eat venison
palυska tuklo υpa chi̲
he will eat two bread
issi nipi υpa tuk o̲?
did she eat venison?
chukfi hoponi li tuk
I cooked rabbit
Chahta ohoyo sipokni yυt nipi hoponi tuk
the old Choctaw woman cooked meat
Chahta hattak υt nipi υpa tuk
the Choctaw man ate meat
ofi lusa yυt Chahta hattak pisa tuk
the black dog was looking at the Choctaw man
ofi lusa yυt impa bυnna tuk
the black dog wanted to eat
υlla tek υt nipi υpa tuk
the girl ate meat
Chahta ohoyo sipokni yυt nipi υpa tuk o̲?
did the old Choctaw woman eat meat?
holisso apisa ish ia tuk
you went to school
ohoyo kawasha mυt chukka homma pi̲sa
that short woman sees the red house
iti kawasha ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see the short tree?
ofi iskitini mυt nusi tuk kiyo
that small dog did not sleep
issi nipi hopona chi̲
(she) will cook venison
alikchi pi̲sa chi̲
she will see the doctor
holisso apisa pi̲sa ho̲?
does she see the school?