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Hattak Lusa ikhυnanchi
African American teacher
Na hullo ohoyo sipokni
old Caucasian woman
υlla chito
big child
hattak himitta
young man
ohoyo nan υlhtuka
woman police officer
Nanta chia?
What are you?
υlla himitta
young child
alikchi himitta
young doctor
Hattak sia
I am a man
Nan υlhuka sia
I am a police officer
Alikchi sia
I am a doctor
Chahta chia ho̲?
Are you a Choctaw?
Chahta υlla chia ho̲?
Are you a Choctaw child?
Ohoyo sipokni chia ho̲?
Are you an old woman?
Hattak sipokni sia kiyo
I am not an old man
Ikhυnanchi chia ho̲?
Are you a teacher?
Hattak mυt alikchi yo̲?
Is that man a doctor?
Hattak lusa sia
I am an African-American
Ohoyo sia
I am a woman
υlla tek mυt hoponi yo̲?
Is that girl a cook?
Na hullo hattak chia ho̲?
Are you a Caucasian man?
Ofi mυt sipokni
That dog is old
Hattak himitta yυmmυt alikchi
That young man is a doctor
Ohoyo pυt nan υlhtuka
This woman is a police officer