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Ohoyo chia ho̲?
Are you a woman?
A̲, ohoyo sia.
Yes, I am a woman.
Keyu, ohoyo sia kiyo.
No, I am not a woman.
Ulla chia ho̲?
Are you a child?
Ohoyo sipokni sia.
I am an old lady.
Hattak himitta sia.
I am a young man.
Alikchi nia chia.
You are a fat doctor.
Ikhunanchi chunna sia.
I am a skinny teacher.
Chahta hoponi chia ho̲?
Are you a cook?
Keyu, Chahta nan ulhtuka sia.
No, I am a Choctaw police officer.
Nan ikhυnanchi chia ho̲?
Are you a teacher?
Chahta υlla chia ho̲?
Are you a young Choctaw child?
Hoponi sia
I am a cook
Chahta alikchi chia ho̲?
Are you a Choctaw doctor?
Hattak mυt nan υlhtuka yo̲?
Is that man a police officer?
Na hullo ohoyo chia ho̲?
Are you a Caucasian woman?
υlla tek himitta sia
I am a young woman
Alikchi sia
I am a doctor
Hattak Lusa chia ho̲?
Are you an African American?
Hattak sipokni sia
I am an old man
Chahta nan υlhtuka
Choctaw police officer
Hattak alikchi
man doctor
hoponi chunna
skinny cook