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Issuba lusa yυt bok ia
The black horse is going to the river
Issuba mυt kanchυk ia kiyo
That horse is not going to the barn.
Katos tohbi yυt balili
The white cat is running.
Katos lakna pυt balili kiyo
This yellow cat is not running.
Hushi homma chito yυt bininli ho̲?
Is the big red bird sitting?
Keyu, hushi mυt bininli kiyo
No, that bird is not sitting.
Chukfi lusakbi iskitini yυt impa ho̲?
Is the little brown rabbit eating?
A̲, chukfi pυt impa
Yes, this rabbit is eating.
Issuba lusa mυt impa ho̲?
Is that black horse eating?
Katos lakna hυta yυt balili
The orange cat is running
Ofi lusakbi iskitini yυt bininli ho̲?
Is the small brown dog sitting?
Issi yυt bok ia
The deer is going to the river
Isht ishko homakbi pυt iskitini
This purple cup is small
Holisso pυt homma yo̲?
Is this a red book?
υlla nakni yυt balili
The boy is running
Ilυppυt towa lakna iskitini yo̲?
Is this a small yellow ball?
Hushi yυt pinti lusa tuklo pi̲sa ho̲?
Does the bird see the two black mice?
υlla tek mυt chukka ia
That girl is going home
Ofi mυt impa
That dog is eating
Hattak pυt impa
This man is eating
υlla pυt hushi pisa
This child sees the bird
Katos υt towa pisa
The cat sees the ball
Wak lusa pυt iskitini
This black cow is little
Issuba mυt bok ia
That horse is going to the river
Hushi yυt nusi ho̲?
Is the bird sleeping?
Katos mυt bininli ho̲?
Is that cat sitting?
Chukfi lusa mυt chito
That black rabbit is big
Ohoyo yυt nanta pisa?
What does the woman see?
Ofi mυt impa kiyo
The dog is not eating
Katos lakna yυt balili
The yellow cat is running
Hushi homma pυt nusi
This red bird is sleeping
Ofi tuklo mυt katos pisa
Those two dogs see the/a cat
Issuba lusa yυt bok ia ho̲?
Is the black horse going to the river?