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Quj 'ay'

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qaD 'ay'
inning (n)
qaD 'ay' bID
half-inning (n)
qaD 'ay' bID wa'DIch
top of the inning (n)
qaD 'ay' bID cha'DIch
bottom of the inning (n)
qIpwI' Dotlh
count (lit. batter's status) (n)
QujmeH naQ
bat (n)
glove, mitt (n)
QujmeH moQ vo'Ha'lu'
ball (v)
QujmeH moQ qIpHa'lu'
strike (v)
qIp 'e' nID
swing (v)
loSlogh qIpHa'lu'mo' ghImlu'
strikeout (v)
QujmeH yer HurDaq moQ qIpHa'lu'pu'
foul ball (v)
Duv qIpwI' loSlogh QujmeH moQ vo'Ha'mo' vo'wI'
walk (v)
qIpwI' mup QujmeH moQ
hit by the pitch (v)
ngogh wa'DIchDaq Duv qIpwI'
single (v)
ngogh cha'DIch Duv qIpwI'
double (v)
ngogh wejDIch Duv qIpwI'
triple (v)
SIbI' pe''egh qIpchu'mo'
homerun (v)
latlh pe''eghmoH
RBI (v)