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yotlh mIch

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mIch Sum
infield (n)
mIch Hop
outfield (n)
base, bases (n)
ngogh paghDIch
homeplate (n)
nIH qIpwI' letbaQ
lefty's box (n)
poS qIpwI' letbaQ
righty's box (n)
tlhurwI' letbaQ
catcher's box (n)
base paths (n)
mIch Sum magh yotlh
shallow infield (n)
vo'wI' lam Doj
pitcher's mound (n)
vo'wI' ngogh
pitcher's plate (n)
mIch Hop tlhoy'
outfield fence (n)
foul post (n)
tlhoy' tlhop
warning track (n)
qIpwI' veb gho
on deck circle (n)
ngogh wa'DIch ra'wI' letbaQ
first base coach's box (n)
ngogh wejDIch ra'wI' letbaQ
third base coach's box (n)
dugout (n)
vo'rupchoHmeH mIch
bullpen (n)
stands (n)