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Mun viegan dávjá.
I run often.
Mun liikon viehkkat.
I like to run.
Mun lean viehkki.
I'm a runner/jogger.
Dás ledje ollu váttis sánit.
There were a lot of hard words in this.
Dát lea váttis sátni.
This is a difficult word.
Son lea hui sádnái.
She is extremely good with words.
Beana lea skibas.
The dog is sick.
Joavnna lea dáppe.
Joavnna is here.
Mun lean lohkan girjji.
I have read a book.
Soai leaba fárren.
They have moved.
Mun lean leamaš olgoriikkas.
I have been abroad.
Soai leaba boahtán.
They(d) have come.
Don leat čohkkedan mu stullui.
You(sg) have sat down on my chair.
Soai leaba boahtime.
They are on their way.
Moai letne bassame viesu.
We are in the process of washing the house.
Eatnis leat bohccot.
Mom has reindeer.
Márehis lea ođđa biila.
Máret has a new car.
Munnos eai leat gintalat.
We(d) don't have candles.
Mun lean oađđán.
I have slept.
Elle lei viesu bassame, go telefuvdna čuojai.
Elle was cleaning the house, when the telephone rang.
Mun in boađe, Iŋgá ii boahtán.
I'm not coming, Inga didn't come.
Mun áiggun vuolgit.
I'm going to leave.
Elle máhttá sihkkelastit.
Elle knows how to ride a bike.
Soai sáhttiba veahkehit du.
They(d) can help you.
Biila cuovkanii, ja mii šattaimet bussiin johtit
The car broke down, and we(pl) had to travel by bus.