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Mánná ballá stálus.
The child is afraid of the troll.
Eadni berošta mánás.
The mother has feelings (cares for) her child.
Oahppit leat dolkan guolis.
The students have grown tired of fish.
Finnmárkulaččat heitet joatkkaskuvllas.
The Finnmarkers are quitting secondary school.
Mii nohkkuimet niesttis.
We ran out of provisions.
Váruhehket beatnagis!
Beware(pl) of the dog!
Čakčat soai álgiba skuvlii.
In autumn they(d) will begin school.
Rievssat darvána gillii.
The ptarmigan will be caught fast in the snare.
Málagušta guoskkai gáktái.
The paint brush touched the coat.
Diet gákti ii heive munnje.
That gakti [that you have] doesn't fit me.
Mánná liiko njálgáide.
The child likes sweets.
Eadni suhtai siessái.
Mom got mad at (our) aunt.
Mánná hilbošii áhkuin.
The child was naughty to his grandmother.
Báhppa humadii konfirmánttaiguin.
The minister spoke with the confirmation candidates.
Mun ságastallen guhká doaktáriin.
I spoke with the doctor for a long time.
Soai bártideigga dihtoriin.
They(d) got into problems with the computer.
Manne don riidalat ránnjáiguin?
How come you're quarreling with the neighbors?
Moai borre gáhku.
We(d) are eating cake.
Moai borre golbma njálgga gáhku.
We(d) are eating three tasty cakes.
Mun dieđán ahte áhkku lea boahtán.
I know that grandma has come.
Soai álgiba skuvlii.
They(d) will start school.
Lottit girdiledje.
The birds flew away.
Dat ruoksadat leat čábbát.
The red ones are beautiful.
Guhtta leat láhppon.
Six (of them) have gone stray.
Čállit lea somá.
It's fun to write.
Lei buorre go don bohtet.
It was good that you(sg) came.