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Mánná vižžojuvvui ruoktot.
The child was taken home.
Nuoraide lágiduvvojedje gilvvut.
Competitions were organized for the young people.
Bihtát galget gárvejuvvot ihttážii.
The assignments must be completed for tomorrow.
Moai dolvojuvvuime girdišilljui.
We(d) were taken to the airstrip.
Mánná vižžui ruoktot.
The child was taken home.
Moai biddjuime bargui.
We(D) were put to work.
Dán áššis leat čállon ollu giellásat.
A lot of lies have been written on that matter.
Áhkku vuojahalai boastabiilii.
Grandma was run over by the mailbus.
Vázzi olbmot čuoiganláhttus bealkkahalle čuoigái.
People in the ski track were yelled at by a skier.
Mánás lea okta spábba.
The child has one ball.
Oappás leat gávcci girjji.
Sister has eight books.
Guhtta máná bohte skuvlii
Six children came to school.
Okta mánná bođii skuvlii
One child came to school.
Dus leat čuođi heađi.
You(sg) have a hundred problems.
Golmma mánás lei nuorvu.
Three children had colds.
Oahpaheaddji manai golmmain mánáin girjerádjosii.
The teacher went to the library with three children.
Hoavda riŋgii golmma bargái.
The boss called up three workers.