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Nieiddažat diggojedje dohkká alde/nalde.
The little girls argued over the doll.
Go boađán fas searaid ala/nala, de joatkkán bargguin.
When I get back on my feet again, I'll continue with the work.
Ášši lea beaggán media bokte.
The issue has become well-known through the media.
Jus livččii mu duohken, de giddešin rájáid.
If it had been up to me, I would have closed the borders.
Doppe maid leat čuđiid mielde loddenálit.
There are hundreds of bird species there too.
Boaresbárdni lávii eatni ovddas gálgat earániid márkanis.
The bachelor used to run errands for his mother in the village.
Moattis dagahit máŋgasa ovdii.
A few spoil it for the majority.
Mii eliimet garra stivrra vuolde.
We lived under strict regime.
Doavttir gárttai sága vuollái.
The doctor became the object of gossip.
Áirasat jienastedje árvalusa vuostá.
The representatives voted against the resolution.
Garra biekkat leat mearkan ahte lea manname dálvvi vuostá.
Strong winds are a sign that it's moving on toward winter.