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Lean čállán iežan telefonnummára girjji duogábeallái.
I have written my telephone number on the back of the book.
Norgga rájiid siskkobealde galgá čuovvut Norgga lágaid.
Inside the borders of Norway, one should adhere to Norwegian law.
Sii ceggejedje lávuid davábeallái márkana.
They set up their lavvus on the north of the village.
Sii ceggejedje lávuid márkana davágeahčai.
They set up their lavvus at the north end of the village.
Moala ovddabealde čuožžu moallafákta.
There is a goal keeper standing in front of the goal.
Eanas gálvu lei fatnasa ovddageahčen.
Most of the goods are at the front end of the boat.
Rohttejin ránu oaivvi badjel vai oaččun nahkáriid.
I pulled the blanket over my head so I could get some sleep.
Mánát vihke viesu birra.
The children ran around the house.
Easka Máze bokte dovden ahte liegganišgođii biila.
It wasn't until we got to Masi that I could feel the car was getting warm.
Vázzen gili čađa.
I walked through the village.
Mánná lei nohkkan guovdu láhtti.
The children had fallen asleep in the middle of the floor.
Son orui rámbuvrraid lahka.
He lived near the shops.
Sii vihke min meaddel.
They ran past us.
Son lea dovddus miehtá Norgga.
She is well-known throughout Norway.
Olmmái vujii muora njeaiga/njeaigga.
The man drove into a tree.
Ii lean dilli gállit rastá joga.
There was no time to wad across the river.