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Son viehkalii mánáid maŋŋái.
He set off after the children at a run.
Son viegai mánáid maŋis.
He was running after the children.
Dasto johten muhtin liegga biekka maŋil Báhcavutnii.
After that I travelled before a warm wind to Båtsfjord.
Ja go leaska manai speadjala ovdii, de oinnii ahte lei nuorasnuvvan.u
And when the widow stood in front of the mirror, she saw she had grown younger.
Mánát dollet gieđaid beljiid ovddas.
The children held their hands over their ears.
Rieban boahtá sudno ovddal ja ánuha láibbi.
A fox comes up to them and begs for bread.
Gollešaldi galgá ollit mu dálu rájes gitta gonagasdálu rádjái.
The golden bridge has to reach all the way from my house to the kings palace.
Su nubbi juolgi lei čuhppojuvvon juolgeruohttasa ráje..
One of his legs had been amputated at the ankle.
Son bidjalii reivve girjji sisa.
She put the letter into the book.
Girjji siste gávdnui reive.
A letter was found in the book.
Bussá lea beavddi vuolde.
The cat is lying under the table.
Bussá manai beavddi vuollái.
The cat went under the table.
Son suonjai loavdaga vuoli olggos.
He crawled out under the tent cloth.
Min viessu lea luotta bajábealde.
Our house is on the upper side of the road.
Eat biso bajágeahčen tabealla dán jagi.
Won't be in the upper half of the table this year.
Mii rahčat vuolágeahčen tabealla dán jagi.
We are struggling in the lower part of the table this year.
Mii oakkuimet goržži vuolábealde.
We went fishing at the lower end of the rapids.