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Dan maŋŋá son fárrii ovttas bearrašiinnis rájá nuppe beallái.
After that he moved with his family 'to' the other 'side' of the border.
Norgga dutkit eai beassan dutkat Ruošša bealde 1997:s.
Norwegian researchers were not allowed to carry out research on the Russian side (of the border) in 1997.
Don beale ceakkus váriid ihtet ruoná guolbanat.
On the far side of the steep fells, green plains come into view.
Uhcastáloš doapmalii čiehkádit balssa duohkái.
Little Troll quickly went and hid behind a mound.
Duottar leabbá duoddara duohken.
Beyond one plane lies another.
Son njágai muoraid duogi.
He crept along behind the trees.
Mii leimmet dávjá áhči fárus meahcis.
We oftentimes went along with our father to the fells.
Vuolgge min fárrui.
Come along with us.
Čohkket munno gaskii.
Sit down between us.
Min gaskkas leat ollu rievvárat.
There are a lot of thieves in our midst.
Son johtá ollu Álttá ja Máze gaskka.
She travels a lot between Alta and Masi.
Mii girdit nuppe geahčái máilmmi.
We are flying to the other end of the world.
Son lea min geahčen fitnan juohke geasi.
She has come to visit us every summer.
Iešjávrri meaddil manaimet nuortta geaže.
We went by Iešjávri along the east end.
Go iđit šattai, de manai bárdni gonagasa lusa.
When morning came, the boy went before the king.
Busse vuoddjá suohkanviesu luhtte dii. 08.30.
The bus leaves the council building at 8:30 a.m.