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Son guđii biilla viesu gurrii.
He left the car next to the house.
Mánná čohkká eatni guoras.
The child is sitting next to his mother.
Viesu guora manai bálggis.
There is a path that goes along next to the house.
Mánná velledii gasku láhtti.
The child lay down in the middle of the floor.
Mánná veallá gasku láhtti.
The child is lying in the middle of the floor.
Son ceggii sabehiid seainni vuostá.
He stood his skis up against the wall.
Sabehat ceaggájit seainni vuostá.
The skis are are standing up against the wall.
Son vujii min viesu meattá.
He drove past our house.
Sii ásse min buohta máŋga jagi.
They lived next to us for several years.
Girji lea beavddi alde/nalde.
The book is on the table.
Bija girjji beavddi ala/nala.
Put the book on the table.
Lágideaddjit leat munnje ordnen gohttensaji jur festiválabáikki báldii.
The organizers have given me a place to camp right next to where the festival will be held.
Lávddi bálddas ceaggá stuora geađgi.
There is a big rock sticking out next to the stage.
Máze skuvlla báldda golggai ája.
There was a spring running past the Masi school.