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Mun boađán ovdal go don vuolggát.
I'll come before you leave.
Mun boađán easkka maŋŋil go don leat mannan.
I won't come until after you're gone.
Vuordde dassážii go mun boađán.
Wait until I come.
Bargen leavssuid dan botta go earát ođđe.
I did the assignments while the others slept.
Vuolggán dalle go gávppit rahpasit.
I'll leave when the stores open up.
Lea guokte jagi dassái go bohten Romsii.
It's been two years since I came to Tromso.
Son lea čoahkkimis gaskkal golmma ja viđa.
She will be in a meeting between three and five.
Ale mana olggos gahpira haga!
Don't go out without a hat!
Son bargá birra jándora.
She works around the clock.
Human du birra.
I'm talking about you.
Mun dolvon reaga viesu lusa.
I brought the sleigh up to the house.
Áhkku boahtá maŋŋil juovllaid.
Grandma is coming after Christmas.
Elle váccii bálgá mielde johkagáddái.
Elle went along the path to the edge of the river.
Dáinna fertet otná beaivvi mielde geargat.
You have to be finished with this today.
Piera ságaid 'mielde' leaba Ánte-guovttos náitaleame.
According to Piera, Ánte and his fiancee have gotten married.