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Elles lea beana.
Elle has a dog.
Mánás lea spábba.
The child has a ball.
Oappás leat girjjit.
Sister has books.
Ohppiin lea borranboddu.
The students have a break for meals.
Dudnos leat ollu ustibat.
You(d) have many friends.
Mánás ii leat spábba.
The child doesn't have a ball.
Oappás eai leat girjjit.
Sister doesn't have books.
Ohppiin ii leat borranboddu.
The students don't have a break for meals.
Mus ii leat biila.
I don't have a car.
Dudnos eai leat ollu ustibat.
You(d) don't have a lot of friends.
Lea go mánás spábba?
Does the child have a ball?
Leat go oappás girjjit?
Does (your)sister have books?
Ii go mánás leat spábba?
Doesn't the child have a ball?
Eai go oappás leat girjjit?
Doesn't (your)sister have books?
Geas lea biila?
Who has a car?
Geas leat ollu ustibat?
Who has a lot of friends?
Gievkkanis lea beavdi.
The table is in the kitchen.
Lávus leat riššat.
There are matches in the lavvu.
Norggas ásset sápmelaččat.
There are Saami living in Norway.
Gievkkanis ii leat beavdi.
There isn't a table in the kitchen.
Lávus eai leat riššat.
There are no matches in the lavvu.
Lea go gievkkanis beavdi?
Is there a table in the kitchen?
Leat go lávus riššat?
Are there matches in the lavvu?
Mus lea biila.
I have a car.
Mun lean oastán biilla.
I have bought a car.
Sudnos lea girji.
They have a book.
Soai leaba lohkan girjji.
They(d) have read the book.