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Dálvet sáhttá čuoigat, muhto geasset gal ii sáhte.
In the winter time you can go skiing but in the summer you can't.
Giđđat sáhttet leat dulvvit.
In the spring time it might flood.
Čakčat álgá skuvla.
In the autumn school starts.
Moai letne áigá geargan.
The two of us were finished a long time ago.
Mun oidnen su eske.
I saw her a little while ago.
Dolin ledje mádjigat dáppe.
In the olden days there were beavers here.
Moai letne easka boahtán.
The two of us have just arrived.
Mun vuolggán dál.
I'm leaving now.
Dalle go áddjá elii, láviimet juoŋastit.
In grandfather's day, we used to run nets under the ice to catch fish.
Mii leat guhká vuordán.
We've been waiting a long time.
Sámmol liiko ihkku johtit.
Sámmol likes to travel at night.
Iđđes lei guoldu, muhto beaivet de firtii.
In the morning the snow was drifting, but during the day it cleared up
Goas dus lea riegádanbeaivi?
When is your birthday?
Eahkes lei ipmilbálvalus girkus.
In the evening, vespers were held at the church.
Manne it leat ovdal boahtán?
Why haven't you come sooner?
Oasseváldit bohtet maŋŋelaš.
The participants will come later.
Doavttir bođii árrat bargui.
The doctor came to work early.
Mánát leat maŋŋit nohkkan.
The children went to bed late.
Reaŋga lea čađat dájuhan du.
The hired hand has been tricking you all along.