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Gosa dii áigubehtet fárret?
Where are you planning to move to?
Gos don leat čuohpaduvvon?
Where (what hospital) were you operated on?
Gokko don leat čuohpaduvvon?
Where (where on the body) were you operated on?
Gos don boađát? Mun boađán vuovddis.
Where are you coming from? I'm coming from the woods.
Gokko don bohtet? Mun bohten bajit luotta.
What way did you come? I came on the upper road.
Goas mii galgat geargat? Na ihttin.
When are we supposed to be finished? Tomorrow.
Goassážii mii galgat geargat? Na ihttážii.
By when are we supposed to be finished? (By) tomorrow.
Mii geargat odne.
We will finish today.
Ihttin álgá juovlaluopmu.
Tomorrow, Christmas vacation starts.
Mun oidnen Sárá ikte.
I saw Sara yesterday.
Mii fitnat dávjá Romssas.
We visit Tromsø often.
Áhkku lea hárve buohcci.
Grandmother is seldom sick.
Moai náitaleimme diibmá.
The two of us got married last year.
Don leat álo heajos mielas.
You're always in bad mood.
Muhtomin in ipmir maid son dadjá.
Sometimes I don't understand what he is saying.