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In fárre lulás.
I'm not moving down south.
Eallu vulgii luksa.
The reindeer herd headed south.
Máddin šaddet juohke lágan šattut.
There are all kinds of plants growing down south.
Guoros bursa máttás doalvu.
An empty wallet will take you south.
Oarjin bohtet čeahpes olbmot.
Skilled people come from the west.
Mii fertet oarjjás johttát.
We must move westward.
In gille siste čohkkát.
I don't like to sit inside.
Allet mana vuos sisa.
Don't go in yet.
Nuortan bohte viisásat.
Wise men came from the east.
Don it njuiken guhkás.
You didn't jump far.
Don leat nu guhkkin, muhto liikká nu lahka.
You are so far away yet so near.
Gullet, mánát! Allet viegat duohkot deike.
Listen here, children! Don't run here and there (hither and thither).
Nu moai vuojašeimme ruoktot ovdan.
Thus the two of us drove back and forth.
Ihttin mii vuoddját ruoktot.
In the morning we'll drive home.
Ruovttus lei dievas moivi.
At home there was total chaos.
Mii vuoddjáimet ruovttus golmma áigge.
We left home (driving) at three o'clock.
Nuppe beaivvi juo máhcaiga ruovttoluotta.
The very next day, the two of them came back.
Álggos son lávkii ovddos ja dasto guokte lávkki maŋos.
First he took one step forwards and then two steps backwards.
Mánát vázze gitta Guovdageidnui.
The children walked all the way to Kautokeino.
Ovllá vujii máŋgii ovddos maŋos biillain ovdal go deaivvai njuolga sázuid gaskii.
Ovllá drove the car back and forth several times before he got it parked between the straight lines
Dal fertet ovddosguvlui jurddašit.
Now, we have to think ahead.
Genaid bokte sáhttá guorrat olmmošsoga maŋosguvlui.
With the help of genes we can follow mankind back in time.
Don čuoččut mu ovddas.
You are standing in my way.