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Elle lea dáppe.
Elle is here.
Elle lea fárren deike.
Elle has moved here.
Leat go dieppe riššat?
Do you have matches over there?
Mun buvttán diehko riššaid.
I'll bring over the matches.
Doppe gávdnojit gearbmašat.
There are snakes there.
De gal in háliit dohko vuolgit.
Then I don't want to go there.
Olbmot galget dákko vázzit.
People are supposed to walk here (along this road).
Ánte orru davvin.
Ante lives up north.
Ánte fárre davás.
Ante is moving up north.
Sárá manná olggos.
Sara is going outside.
Sara lea olgun.
Sara is outside.
Ivvár lea vuollin.
Ivvar is downstairs.
Ivvár manná vulos.
Ivvar is going downstairs.
Mánát stohket badjin.
The children are playing upstairs.
Mánát vihke bajás.
The children ran upstairs.
Sii leat guhká ássan lullin.
They have been living down south for a long time.