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Mun adden ruđa dan guovtti mánnái'
I gave money to those two children.
Moai bártideimme dainna njeljiin boares dihtoriin
We(d) had problems with those four old computers.
Son čuojahii gitára iežas golmmain buriin suorpmain
She played guitar with her three good fingers.
Son diđii buot.
He knew everything.
Mihkkal lea skuvllas.
Mihkkal is at school.
Moai vurde busse.
We(d) are waiting for the bus.
Son ii dieđe buot
He does not know everything.
Son ii diehtán buot
She didn't know everything.
Mihkkal ii leat skuvllas.
Mihkkal is not at school.
Inga ii lean skuvllas.
Inga was not at school.
Moai ean vuordde busse.
We(d) are not waiting for a bus.
Moai ean vuordán busse.
We(d) did not wait for the bus.
Mun in boađe.
I won't come.
Soai eaba boađe.
They(d) won't come.
Moai letne gárvodan.
We(d) have gotten dressed.
Áhkku lea bassame biktasiid.
Grandma is washing clothes.
Soai eaba oro dás
They(d) do not live here.
Mii eat joksan busse.
We(pl) did not catch the bus.
Issát máhttá rehkenastit.
Issát knows how to count.
Mu váhnemat láviiga diggot.
My parents used to quarrel.