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Goappá mánás lea bátnevárka?
Which of the two children has a toothache?
Guđe hildui borddát girjjiid?
Which shelf are you stacking books on?
Guđiiguin/Guđiid mašiinnaiguin lea álkimus goarrut?
Which machines is it easiest to sew with?
Man mánás lea bátnevárka?
Which child has a toothache?
Mii heđiid dus lea?
What kind of problems are you having?
Gii gussiid dohko bođii?
Which guest was it that came there?
Maid herskuid galggašii alla hearráide guossohit?
What kind of delicacies should we treat the honored guests to?
Man biilla áiggut oastit?
Which car do you intend to buy?
Mat vehkiid bat barggu gaskan vulget?
What kind of helpers take off in the middle of a job?
Mat veahkit dus leat?
Which helpers do you have?
Geat olbmot heajain ledje?
What people were at the wedding?
Geat olbmuid dohko ges fárrejit?
What kind of people would move there?