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Mus lea buorre girji, mas lean oahppan olu.
I have a good book that I have learned lot from.
Mus leat ollu girjjit, main lean oahppan olu.
I have a lot of books that I've learned a lot from.
Atte munnje daid girjjiid, main siiddut leat gaikásan.
Give me the books whose pages have come loose.
Nieida, geas lea rukses biila, čohkká gurut bealde.
The girl that has the red car is sitting on the left.
Oahppit, geain lea eksámen ihttin, leat lohkame dál.
The students that have a test tomorrow are busy reading now.
Goappás leat bivdán veahki?
Which of the two have you asked for help?
Siđan mašiinna, mainna sáhtán gávtti goarrut.
I want a machine that I can sew gakti with.
Dovddat go nieidda, geainna mun eske humadin?
Do you know the girl that I was just speaking with?
Geaiguin don reivvestalat?
Who do you write letters to?
Geanin don gáttát iežat?
Who do you think you are?
In muitte šat, manin su gohčodedje.
I don't remember what they called her anymore.
Goappáin biillain don vuolggát?
Which of the two cars are you going to leave with?
Guđiid biktasiid mun galggan bassat?
Which clothes am I supposed to wash?
Maiguin mašiinnaiguin don goarut?
Which machines do you sew with?
Guđemuš beatnagiid galgá báttis veaddit?
Which dogs need to be kept on a leash?
Guđemuš viesuin orrot olbmot?
Which houses do people live in?