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Mun osten beatnaga, man vielpát dus leat.
I bought the dog whose pups you have.
Oidnen dáluid, maid láset ledje cuovkanan.
I saw the house whose windows had been broken.
Duot lea nieida, gean beana láhppui duoddarii.
That is the girl whose dog got lost in the fells.
Duo bohtet nieiddat, geaid biillat dát leat.
There come the girls whom these cars belong to.
Mii riŋget daidda váhnemiidda, geaid mánát borgguhit.
We call up the parents whose children smoke.
Guhtemučča nieida don leat?
Whose daughter are you?
Guhtemučča mielde don vuolggát?
Which of them are you going to go with?
Sirdu dan deavddi, man alde lea TV.
Let's move the table that the TV is on.
Sus lea dakkár gákti, masa mun lean liikostan.
He has the kind of gakti that I have been enthusiastic about.
Mun válddán dan veaskku, masa telefovdna čáhká.
I'll take the bag that will hold a telephone.
Dá leat lihtit, maidda láven guliid sáltet.
Here are the containers that I usually salt fish in.
Son geasa don addet skeaŋkka, riŋgii eske.
The person whom you have gave the present to just called up.
Oahppit geaidda dát girjjit gullet, leat kantiinnas.
The students that these books belong to are in the cafeteria.
Guđemužžii áiggut riŋget?
Which one are you going to ring to?