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Duot gullá munnje.
That thing over there belongs to me.
Duot girji gullá munnje.
The book over there belongs to me.
Diet ášši lea duođaid váttis, muhto gal duot ášši, mii diibmá bekkii, maid suoláda mus nahkáriid.
This thing you speak of is really hard but, you know, that thing that came up last year also disturbs my dreams.
Duot turisttat han bohte muosehuhttit gaskan bargguid.
Those tourists came and disturbed me while I was working.
Dat lea fiinnis.
It is nice looking.
Dat leat fiidnát.
They are nice looking.
Dot gullá munnje.
That thing way over there belongs to me.
Dot girji gullá munnje.
That book way over there belongs to me.
Moai ean beassan mielde, muhto dot gii lei gielistan alddis oaivebákčasa, gal beasai.
We(d) didn't get to go along, but the guy who lied and said he had a headache sure did.
Ánte basai dien.
Ante washed that thing you've got there.
Eadni tevdnii duoid.
Mom drew that over there.
In dovdda dieid ovdamuniid.
I'm not familiar with those advantages you are speaking of.
Čoavdda lea duon siste.
The key is inside that over there.
Mun bijan biergasiid diesa.
I'll put the equipment on that thing you have there.
Daidda čatnasit ollu ovdagáttut.
There are many prejudices associated with them.
Dies oažžu veahki.
People receive help from that thing you have there.
Dáin ii leat ollu ávki.
There isn't much use in these.
Duoinna sáhttá čállit.
You can write with that over there.
Dieiguin ii olle gosage.
You can't get anywhere with what you've got.
Mun gádden Elle dienin.
I thought Elle to be like that.