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Mii gulaimet rádios ođđasiid
We heard the news on the radio.
Nieiddas leat ollu girjjit.
The girl has a lot of books.
Mun beroštan dus.
I care about you.
Bárdni heittii skuvllas.
The boy quit school.
Mánát balle beatnagis.
The children were afraid of the dog.
Mun čuohpan láibbi niibbiin
I'm cutting the bread with a knife.
Mun hupmen vieljain ikte.
I spoke with my brother yesterday.
Viessu geavahuvvo skuvlan.
The house is used as a school.
Arvin in gille mannat oaggut.
When it rains I don't like to go fishing.
Nuorran mun lohken ollu divttaid.
When I was young I read a lot of poems.
Mii gohčodit beatnaga Čáhppen.
We call the dog Čáhppe.
Ovdamearkan sáhttá atnit Guovdageainnu ja Kárášjoga.
As examples, you can use Kautokeino and Karasjok.
Mun lean šaddan siessán.
I have become an aunt.
Moai bohte.
We're coming.
It is snowing.
Mun oainnán viesu.
I see a house.
Soai lohkaba girjii ja guldaleaba Saami radio.
They(dual) are reading a book and listening to Saami radio.
Mun jugan gáfe, muhto in juga deaja.
I drink coffee, but I don't drink tea.
Mun oainnán ahte viessu buollá
I see that the house is burning.
Soai dadjaba ahte busse ii boađe
They(dual) say that the bus isn't coming.
Go mánná oađđá, de eadni vuoiŋŋasta
When the child sleeps, the mother rests.
Viessu lea fiskat.
The house is yellow.
Viesut leat fiskadat.
The houses are yellow.
Elle lea čeahppi.
Elle is skilled.
Soai leaba čeahpit.
They(d) are skilled.
Mun lean jođáneamos.
I am the fastest.
Doai leahppi jođánepmosat.
You(d) are the fastest.
Mun liikon dien girjái.
I like that book.
Soai boahtiba golmmain mánáin.
They(d) will come with three children.