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Máret oažžu mis skeaŋkka.
Maret will get a gift from us.
Oahpaheaddji gulai sudnos ságaid.
The teacher heard news from those two.
Mus lea oaivi bávččas.
I have a headache.
Mii gulahalaimet sudnuin.
We communicated with them(d).
Mun hupmen suinna.
I spoke with him.
Elle ovttasbargá singuin.
Elle collaborates with them.
Mun gádden Elle dunin.
I took Elle for you.
Dat lea duohta.
That is true.
Dat viessu bulii.
That house burned down.
Dát gullá munnje.
This belongs to me.
Dát girji gullá munnje.
This book belongs to me.
Nu go ipmirdat, de lea dát ášši váttis munnje.
As you can see (as you understand), this matter is a difficult one for me.
Diet gullá munnje.
That thing you've got there belongs to me.
Diet girji gullá munnje.
That book you've got there belongs to me.
Ipmirdan ahte diet ášši lea váttis dutnje.
I can see that (I understand that) that matter is a difficult one for you.