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Doai boahtibeahtti
The two of you will come.
Dat boahtiba ruoktot.
They(d) are coming home.
Sii vázzet skuvlla.
They(pl) attend school.
Mun logan girjji.
I am reading a book.
Dat boahtá ruoktot.
He is coming home.
Ánte oinnii min.
Ante saw us(pl)
Eadni šikkui sudno.
Mom scolded the two/them(d).
Mun ráhkistan du.
I love you(sg)
Die lea su biila.
That is his car.
Sin viesus leat sáhpánat.
Their house has mice in it.
Munno mánáin lea giđđaluopmu.
Our(d) children are on spring vacation.
Vuolggán du mielde.
I'm leaving with you(sg)
Dii boahtibehtet munno ovdal.
You(pl) will come to meet with us(d).
Mun adden skeaŋkkaid sidjiide.
I gave the gifts to them(pl).
Mun muitalan dan dudnuide.
I'll tell it to you(d).
Mun lohpidin sutnje barggu.
I promised her work.