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Elle lea unnit go mun.
Elle is smaller than I am.
Soai leaba unnibut go mun.
The two of them are smaller than me.
Elle lea stuorát go mun.
Elle is bigger than me.
Soai leaba stuorábut go mun.
They(d) are bigger than I am.
Morten lea boarráseabbo/boarrásabbo go mun.
Morten is older than I am.
Soai leaba boarráseappot/boarrásabbot go mun.
Those two are older than me.
Majja lea unnimus.
Majja is the smallest.
Soai leaba unnimusat.
The two of them are the smallest.
Elle lea stuorimus.
Elle is the biggest.
Soai leaba stuorimusat.
They(d) are the largest.
Elle lea boarráseamos/boarrásamos.
Elle is the oldest.
Soai leaba boarrásepmosat/boarrásamosat.
Those two are the eldest.
Nieiddat leat nuorat.
The girls are young.
Náhkki lea linis.
The hide is soft.
Gussa lea stuoris.
The cow is big.
Gusat leat stuorrát.
The cows are big.
Náhkit leat litnásat.
The hides are soft.
Mun vieččan boarráseappo.
I'll go get the older one.
Mun oasttán hálbbimusa.
I'll buy the cheapest one.
Mun vieččan boarráseappuid.
I'll go get the older ones.
Mun oasttán hálbbimusaid.
I'll buy the cheapest ones.
Dat lea boarráseappo musihkka
That is music for older folks.
Son lea boarráseappuid gaskkas.
He is one of (is among) the elders.
Mun attán vuoittu jođánepmosiidda.
I'll give a prize to the fastest ones.
To the younger ones.
To the hardest working ones.
Boarrásepmosiin ii leat skuvla odne.
The oldest ones don't have school today.