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Ean leačča Romssas leamaš guhkes áigái.
Why, we(d) have not been in Tromso for a long time.
Ii bođeš Máhtte jur ovddemus veahkkin.
Mahtte will not be the first one to come and help.
De vuolgut dál!
Let's go now!
Boađe donge!
Come along, you too!
Bohtoset vaikko odne!
Let them come, today if they want to!
Mus lea rukses biila.
I have a red car.
Son lea lihkolaš.
She is happy.
Sis lea fiskat viessu.
They have a yellow house.
Viessu lea fiskat.
The house is yellow.
Viesut leat fiskadat.
The houses are yellow.
Nieida lea nuorra.
The girl is young.
Mun oasttán hálbbibu.
I'll buy the cheaper one.
Jallaid gaskkas lei jierbmái.
There was a smart person among the fools.
Mun adden eanet vahkkoruđa boarrásebbui.
I gave more weekly allowance to the older one.
Dát lea fálaldat riggáide.
That is a service for the rich.
Jallas ii leat ollut jierbmi.
A fool does not have much sense.
Sii soitet oažžut veahki riggáin.
They might receive help from the rich.
Mun hupmen muhtun jallain.
I spoke with a fool.
Mun dovden iežan jallan.
I felt like a fool.