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Mun manan jearrame sus.
I'll go ask him.
Moai vihke geahččame mii dat boŋká.
We'll(d) run and see what's making that banging sound.
Issat finai ruovttus viežžame ruđa.
Issat went home to get some money.
Ii ábut vaikko politiijat boađášedje.
There's nothing to be done, even if the police were to come.
Mávssášin', jus gáibidivččet.
I would pay, if you(sg) were to demand it.
Livččen ovdal boahtán, muhto ii lean dilli.
I would have come earlier, but I didn't have the time.
Mun háliidivččen hupmat duinna.
I would like to speak with you(sg)
Dajašin ahte don diekko dahket boastut.
I would say that you made a mistake there.
Doai eahppi dieđáše maidege, jus ii livčče Facebook.
You(d) wouldn't know anything, if it weren't for Facebook.
Mii eat boradivčče stobus, jus gievkkanis livččii sadji.
We(pl) wouldn't have eaten in the livingroom if there had been space in the kitchen.
In moddjáše politihkkáriidda bálkká ovddas ge.
I wouldn't smile for politicians even if I were paid.
Boražit go mánát guoli?
Could the children eat fish?
In dieđe bođeža go juovlastállu
I don't know if Santa Claus will be able to come.
Bođeš'go oahpaheaddji odne?
Is the teacher doing to come today?
Don oaččut dan čuohte ruvdnui, go juo válddežat.
You(sg) will get up to 100 Krones if you will take it.