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Doai eahppi leat gávdnan buot.
You(d) have not found everything.
Mii eat leat boradan gievkkanis.
We(pl) have not eaten in the kitchen.
Issát ii leat leamaš Romssas.
Issat has not been to Tromso.
Don it leat njuiken guhkás.
You(sg) have not jumped far.
Mus lea leamaš nuorvu golbma beaivvi.
I have had a cold for three days.
Sudnos lea leamaš lihkku.
They have had luck.
Mis ii leat leamaš veahkki.
We(pl) have not had help.
Čeazis ii leat leamaš bargu dán jagi.
My uncle has not had work this year.
Lean boahtime.
I'm on my way. (I'm in the middle of coming.)
Leahppi boradeame.
You(d) are in the process of eating.
Letne čorgeme.
We(d) are in the middle of tidying up.
Iŋgá lea goarrume gávtti.
Inga is in the midst of sewing a gakti.
Moai letne čállime reivve.
We(d) are in the middle of writing a letter.
Mii leat veahkeheame ránnjáid.
We(pl) are helping the neighbors.
Ánte ja Sárá leaba boradeame.
Ante and Sara are eating.
Lehpet go dii ráhkadeame hilduid?
Are you(pl) making some shelves?
Doai leahppi ivdeme gova.
You are coloring a picture.
Mii leat duddjome gievkkanis.
We(pl) are doing handcrafts in the kitchen.
Ásllat lea ain gaifáme dan niidii.
Asllat is still gazing at that girl.
Máret orui leame suhtus.
Maret seems to be angry.
Don orut diehtime juoidá.
You(sg) seem to know something.
Son ferte leame juhkamin, go nie hoavrrista.
He must be drinking since he's talking nonsense like that.