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Máret ii boađe ruoktot.
Máret is not coming home.
Mun in diehtán maidege.
I didn't know anything.
Sii eai ása dieppe.
They(pl) don't live there.
Moai ean juhkan gáfe.
We(d) didn't drink coffee.
Eatnis ii leat biila.
Mom doesn't have a car.
Munnos eai leat mánát.
We(d) have no children.
Dus eai leat guokte vielja.
You(sg) don't have two brothers.
Allu šat riidal!
Let's(d) not quarrel anymore!
Allet dájo!
Don't(pl) be crazy!
Ale mana vuos!
Don't(sg) go yet!
Alloset boađe mus bearrat dan vealggi!
They(pl) shouldn't come and demand payment from me of that debt!
Iŋgá lea orron gávtti.
Inga has sewn a gakti.
Moai letne juo boahtán.
We(d) have already come.
Mun lean dadjan dan maid áiggun.
I have said what I intended to.
Mii leat veahkehan ránnjáid.
We(pl) have helped the neighbors.
Ánte ja Sárá leaba náitalan.
Ante and Sara have gotten married.
Moai letne leamaš Suomas.
We(d) have been in Finland.
Lehpet go boradan?
Have you(pl) eaten?
Doai leahppi čorgen lanja.
You (d) have tidied up the room.
Mii leat duddjon gievkkanis.
We(pl) have done handcrafts in the kitchen.
Ásllat lea ollen ruoktot.
Asllat has reached home.