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Mun boađán ihttin.
I will come tomorrow.
Boađe deike!
Come here!
Ii ábut vaikko politiijat boađášedje.
It's no use even if the police did come.
In dieđe bođeža go juovlastállu.
I don't know if Santa Claus will come.
Mii boahtit ihttin.
We(pl) are coming tomorrow.
Diehtibeahtti go gos girku lea?
Do you(d) know where the church is?
Mii muitalit dan ihttin.
We(pl) wil tell that tomorrow.
Leaba go girkus dál?
Are they(d) in church now?
Mun dihten.
I knew.
Mii diđiimet dan.
We(pl) knew that.
Don oidnet ádjá.
You(sg) saw grandpa.
Sii gorro gávttiid.
They(pl) sewed gaktis.
Mun gávppošin.
I did some shopping.
Sii dárbbašedje veahki.
They(pl) needed help.
Don jurddašit.
You thought.
Mun veallájin.
I was lying down.
Mii balláimet.
We(pl) got frightened.
Sii duddjojedje.
They(pl) were doing Sami handcrafts.
Mun in lean doppe.
I wasn't there.