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Gussa lea olgun.
The cow is outside.
Mun oasttán gusa.
I buy a cow.
Gusa juolgi
The cow's leg
Mun attán biepmu gussii
I give food to the cow
Gusas oažžut mielkki.
We get milk from the cow.
Mun bohten gusain
I came with a cow.
Min gussa lea návehis.
Our cow is in the cowshed.
Min 'gusat' leat návehis.
Our cows are in the cowshed.
Čoahkkimis lei dušše okta nisu.
There was only one lady at the meeting.
Čoahkkimis ledje ollu nissonat.
There were a lot of women at the meeting.
Šiljus lea boazu
There is a reindeer in the yard.
Duoddaris leat ollu bohccot.
There are a lot of reindeer on the mountain plateau.
Mun čorgen goađi/gođiid
I am going to clean the goahti.
Mun dovddan nissona/nissoniid.
I know the woman/women.
Gal mun oainnán 'bohcco'/'bohccuid'.
I do see a reindeer/reindeer(pl)
nissona lávka
The woman's knapsack
Skuvlla njuolggadusat
School rules
Sullo lahka
Near the island
Guokte nieidda ja golbma bártni
Two girls and three boys
Dat lea gusa/gusaid biebmu.
That is the cow's/cows' food.
Dat leat goađi/gođiid duohken.
They are behind the goahti.
Dat lea nissona/nissoniid lávka.
That is the woman's/ women's knapsack.
Mun bivden guoli sullo/sulluid davábealde.
I caught a fish on the north side of the island/islands.
Mun manan skuvlii.
I'm going to school.
Sii mannet skuvllaide.
They are going to the schools.
Son attii mánnái girjji.
He gave the child a book.
Mánná bijai girjji hildui.
The child put the book on the shelf.
Son álgá skuvlii.
She is starting school.
Mun liikon eadnái.
I like mom.
Mánát leat skuvllas.
The children are at school.
Mánát bohtet skuvllas.
The children are coming from school.
Mun ožžon áhčis niibbi.
I got a knife from dad.