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The Present Tense

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Je suis malade
I am sick
Nous courons deux fois par semaine
We run twice a week
La tomate est rouge
The tomato is red
Je suis là
I am here
Je dors
I sleep, I am sleeping, OR I do sleep
Je donne
I give / I am giving
Tu donnes
You give / You are giving (informal)
Il donne, Elle donne
He gives / He is giving, She gives / She is giving
Nous donnons
We give / We are giving
Vous donnez
You give / You are giving (formal and/or plural)
Ils donnent, Elles donnent
They give / They are giving (masculine, feminine)
Il visite le Palais du Pape
He is visiting the Papal Palace
Je finis
I finish / I am finishing
Tu finis
You finish / You are finishing (informal)
Il finit, Elle finit
He finishes / He is finishing, She finishes / She is finishing
Nous finissons
We finish / We are finishing
Vous finissez
You finish / You are finishing (formal and/or plural)
Ils finissent, Elles finissent
They finish / They are finishing (masculine, feminine)
Ils réussissent leur année scolaire
They make a success of their school year
Je perds
I lose / I am losing
Tu perds
You lose / You are losing (informal)
Il perd, Elle perd
He loses / He is losing, She loses / She is losing
Nous perdons
We lose / We are losing
Vous perdez
You lose / You are losing (formal and/or plural)
Ils perdent, Elles perdent
They lose / They are losing (masculine, feminine)
Tu rends les serviettes à ta grand-mère
You return the towels to your grandmother
Vous êtes en train de vous préparer
You are in the process of getting (you) ready/ You are getting ready right now