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Dentist’s office-Phòng khám đa khoa

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My dentist made me __________ (nhận thức) that I should have an appointment twice a year.
catch up
My dentist likes to take time to __________ (cập nhật kiến thức) before she starts the examination.
To provide a __________ (sự xao lãng) from the noise, Luisa's dentist offered her a pair of earphones.
The perfect checkup was certainly __________ (sự khuyến khích) to keep up my good dental hygiene.
The presence of a wisdom tooth was not __________ (rõ ràng, dễ thấy) until the dentist started to examine the patient.
The toddler's father stressed the importance of toothbrushing in hopes of establishing a good __________ (thói quen)
Let me turn on more lights to properly __________ (làm sáng, soi sáng) the back teeth.
Hannah's gums are __________ (Phát cáu,tức giận,kích thích) by foods that are very cold or very hot.
I did a quick __________ (Tổng quan,sự khái quát,miêu tả) of your teeth and they look in good shape.
Let me tilt your head to a more comfortable __________ (vị trí) for you.
She brushes __________ (thường xuyên) after every meal.
I will talk to my dentist about whether she knows any procedure to __________ (phục hồi) the parts of my teeth that I have ground away.