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deal with
Sick passengers, frightened children, and rude pilots are just a few of the things cabin attendants have to __________ (ứng phó, xử lý) .
The Great Barrier Reef is a popular tourist __________ (đích đến) this year.
Suki was able to __________ (phân biệt) between the different types of jets on the runway.
My travel agent knows I like to __________ (chi tiêu tiết kiệm) and always looks out for the best prices for me.
Carlos used the Internet to search for hotels of __________ (tương đương) dollar value to the one recommended.
With some time between meetings in London, the company president enjoyed an __________ (chuyến tham quan) to Stonehenge.
e A luxury vacation involves many __________ (chi phí) .
We __________ (mở rộng) our vacation by a day.
The airline had a reception to impress travel agents who might be __________ (có triển vọng) clients.
The airline suggested I check with the State Department regarding the political __________ (tình hình) in the country I'm flying to.
The airline I work for had a __________ (cực kì, rất) higher rating for customer satisfaction than our competitors had.
We need a better __________ (hệ thống) to keep track of how much money we are spending on this vacation.