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Don't forget to keep __________ (chính xác) records; you will need them when you have your annual inventory.
Lou, our favorite __________ (người chuyên chở) , takes extra care of our boxes marked “fragile.”
The upcoming fall __________ (danh mục liệt kê) shows a number of items from Laos that Mr. Lau has never before been able to offer.
Her expectations were so high, we knew they would be hard to __________ (hoàn thành)
Good customer relations is an __________ (không thể thiếu) component of any business.
The store closes one day a year so that the staff can take __________ (hàng tồn kho) of the stockroom.
To keep the customers happy and to __________ (giảm thiểu) the effect of the carrier strike, we shipped orders directly to them.
on hand
We had too much stock __________ (sẵn có) , so we had a summer sale.
I will __________ (ghi nhớ) the combination to the safe without writing it down.
Eva __________ (đã chuyển) the package carefully, since she knew the contents were made of glass.
The boxcar was __________ (hoàn thành) damaged that it could not be loaded on the truck.